Grain Free Pizzelle Cookies

by Kate on December 13, 2012

Grain Free Pizzelles

Pizzelles were a Christmas tradition around our house.  They were one of my favorite cookies; light, crispy, not to sweet, but full of flavor.  I was up to the challenge of creating a grain free version and am very excited to share this recipe with you!!

According to Wikipedia:  Pizzelles are traditional Italian waffle cookies made from flour, eggs, sugar and butter and flavoring (often vanilla, anise or lemon zest) Pizzelles can be hard and crisp or soft and chewy depending on the ingredients and method of preparation.

Pizzelles were originally made in the Abruzzo region of south-central Italy. The name comes from the Italian word for “round” and “flat” (pizze); this is also the meaning of the word pizza.

The cookie dough or batter is put into a Pizzelle Iron, which resembles a waffle iron.  Typically, the iron stamps a snowflake pattern onto both sides of the thin golden-brown cookie, which has a crisp texture once it is cooled. There are also several brands of ready-made pizzelle available in stores.

I obviously used a Pizzelle Iron, but these cookies could be baked in the oven as well.  The iron makes them nice and crispy, but I think the butter in this dough will make them spread and become thin as they bake.   The iron also leaves a perfect imprint for the holiday season, so if you love these cookies, it’s worth buying a Pizzelle Iron!


Recipe: Grain Free Pizzelle Cookies



  1. Beat the eggs and sugar together. Add the butter and anise and mix well
  2. In another mixing bowl, combine the flour, arrowroot and soda
  3. Combine the two bowls until smooth
  4. Once the iron is hot, spoon a tablespoon of batter into center of each pattern on the iron. Press down for about 8-10 seconds until golden
  5. Use a metal spatula to remove each cookie and place them on a cooling rack. Let them cool in a single layer so they can harden and become crisp.
  6. To make these in the oven, I would spoon out batter on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake at 350 until golden brown.


These can also be made with vanilla extract. Start with a teaspoon and increase to desired flavor.

I tried to make these last season with no luck.  I realized this time around, that they needed some starch for the crunch and to help hold this fragile cookie together.  I was thrilled that these turned out this year…and got crisp once they cooled!!!!

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